PennKey Setup Code Service

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Welcome to the PennKey Setup Code Service

The PennKey Setup Code Service is an online request system for Penn affiliates that helps you obtain a PennKey Setup Code. The Setup Code is a temporary, unique personal code that you use to identify yourself when you sign in to create a PennKey (username) and associated password, or update a forgotten password, at the PennKey registration website.

When you successfully complete the PennKey Setup Code Service process, you will be issued a PennKey Setup Code via U.S. Mail, which is valid for 60 days at the PennKey registration website. For security reasons, Setup Codes can only be mailed to addresses that are already on record for you within a specific set of Penn electronic systems, based upon your most recent associations with the University.

Once you establish your PennKey and password, you are strongly encouraged to enroll in the Challenge-Response program, which permits you to select and record answers for a brief series of questions about yourself. Should you forget the password associated with your PennKey, Challenge-Response will allow you to reset your password online without obtaining another Setup Code.

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